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Our Story

Deckbuilders was formed in 2003 initially as a Sub-Contracting Company to a larger timber supplier working within both the Commercial and Residential sectors. The founding Director Jason Wakley had many years of experience in the Deck and Landscape Industry. He had achieved many awards for his Landscape works including Show Garden of the Year 2000 at the Royal Welsh Show and much praise from his “Deck” Peers for his can do attitude and design skills.

After an initial “bedding in” and getting to grips with running a company Jason started with his long term goal of becoming the Leader in the Design and Installation of Timber Decking throughout the United Kingdom. Jason remembers “It was at a time when there were numerous decking companies around building structures that were either built from the cheapest timber possible, with no design or structural integrity. If I was going to do something, I wanted to do it right and to a very high standard”. My first port of call was to become a Member of the Timber Decking and Cladding Association, obtain as much information as I could from them regarding best practice and try and better it!

As with everything, the key was to recruit experienced personnel. Luckily we have managed to do that and every member of the team sees Deckbuilders as a way of life and not just a job. We spent a lot of time in the early days designing a Computer Aided Design package that would not only help us create the best Design possible for our Clients but also help with structuring every deck project correctly. It now helps us pick the correct amount of timber for each job which in turn means that when a project is quoted it stays quoted. Estimates are a pet hate as you never know where they are going to finish”.

Now some twelve years later we now have a vast library of drawings and experience to fall back on. This was probably highlighted when Deckbuilders was asked to assist with the writing of the NHBC Code of Practice for Timber Decking in the UK.

We have over the years moved locations as expansion decreed and have been at our current location for over ten years. Initially with a small workshop, offices and a yard and increasing over time to incorporate 3500m2 of buildings.

In 2012 we saw the introduction of our milling facilities where we manufacture all of our decking materials. This gave us the opportunities to not only expand the choice of decking that we can provide but also implement quality control systems at source. We now have control over the treatment process as well and last year installed our own plant.

In 2017 we expanded further to develop a design solution for creating bespoke timber framed buildings and upon this we were inspected and became an approved CLADMARK Installer by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association, an exciting new development for the business.