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Decking FAQ’s

Is the use of timber for decking environmentally friendly?

Yes. Unlike most construction materials, wood comes from a renewable source. All our softwoods come from Europe where the area of productive forests is increasing every year.

What are hardwoods and softwoods?

Hardwoods come from deciduous, broadleaved trees while softwoods come from coniferous, evergreen trees. Hardwoods are generally classified as naturally durable without treatment while softwoods have to be treated. However, not all hardwoods are suitable.

Which is best for decks?

Either can be used but the majority of decks are constructed in treated softwood as these are generally more available, more cost effective and easier to work with. Hardwoods require much more maintenance and if left alone, they will fade quickly to the same colour as softwoods.

Does treated timber vary in colour?

Yes – there are always variations in colour between one piece of wood and another, depending on the relative proportions of heartwood and sapwood in each piece. The colour will fade as it is exposed to the elements, going initially to a warm brown and then to a natural silver grey.

Grooved or plain deckboards?

We will show you samples of both at the design consultation stage. The choice is up to you.

How long will a timber deck last?

The life of a deck depends on the quality of the original timbers, the preservation treatment used and the design of the structure. Our decks are guaranteed to last for up to 15 years, and are expected to last much longer.

When should decks have a handrail?

Decks which are 600mm or more above ground level need to have a handrail 1.1 metres high to comply with Building Regulations. On lower decks, handrails can be provided for decorative purposes. Alternatively, fence panels, planters, benches etc. can be used.

Will my deck need much maintenance?

We believe that a deck is there to be used, not to give you work for your weekends, and we try to design our decks to minimise any work necessary. We suggest that all decks are regularly brushed with a stiff broom to remove any debris which drop on it throughout the year. Once a year, we recommend you give your deck a more thorough cleaning.  There are also a number of proprietary cleaners available if it gets badly stained. The original wax finish we use on the softwoods will weather out over a period of time and the colour of the timber will then fade more quickly. The fading can be slowed down by applying a wax coat every other year, hardwoods need to be oiled more frequently to maintain their colour. Depending on the wood, we suggest oiling every 6 to 12 months. If no treatment is applied, the hardwood will fade to the same colour of the softwood

Are softwood treatments harmful?

No. The treatment we use is safe for people, family pets and your garden plants.

Where can I site my deck?

The location will depend on you, your garden and what you want to do on it. It can be sunny or shady, high or low, large or small – it’s up to you.

Will my deck be ‘unique’?

Yes. All the decks we design are tailored to our customer’s properties and specific requirements. The variations possible are virtually endless but we are careful to advise you if any of the particular items you specify are likely to be detrimental in the long run

Is a deck strong enough for a hot tub or garden building?

We can design a deck strong enough to support virtually any object or weight. The deck has to be designed by a structural engineer so that they can determine the appropriate stress graded timber to be used.

How expensive is a deck?

This will vary enormously depending on design, size and so on. Our decks start from £5,000 upwards but the cost will depend on you. We really need to see your site to be able to talk more about budgeting, but there are usually ways we can suggest to reduce costs to a minimum while still giving you what you want.

Any more questions?

Please ring us on 0345 370 7790 or fill in the form below and we will try to answer them directly.

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