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A reputable contractor should offer you a HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee for any work carried out at your property.

There are two levels of cover available with HomePro

  • The Value Policy covers the work during the “Guarantee Period”
  • The Value Plus policy extends to cover you both during the deposit period and during the “Guarantee Period”
What does this mean?

You should check your policy documentation to see which level of cover you are offered and what your Guarantee Period is.

If you have Deposit cover and the contractor ceases trading after you paid the deposit and before the work was started, your policy makes it possible for you to get your deposit back.

Guarantee Period cover means that should the contractor cease trading during that period, the Insurance Backed Guarantee policy will cover the cost of remedial work by an approved contractor, if you need to claim for problems relating to defective workmanship or materials.

What period does the policy cover?

Deposit cover is dated from when you pay your contractor the deposit, and lasts up to 90 days or until the contractor starts to work on site, whichever is the shorter period. Always insist that you are given a written receipt for your deposit payment on an official order form or on the company’s headed paper.

Guarantee Period cover is based upon the guarantee your contractor gives you, and may last for as long as ten years. So, if your contractor gives you a guarantee for five years, five years will be the length of the Guarantee Period cover. If the contractor guarantees for eight years, your Guarantee Period cover will be for eight years too.

Because HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantees vary according to different situations, you should always read your policy documents to be clear about what your individual policy covers.


In order to maintain and improve standards in the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) sector, the TrustMark scheme registers companies and audits them annually, to make sure that they are complying with TrustMark standards of practice and procedure.

More than thirty trade associations, local government trading standards offices and independent companies work within the TrustMark framework. Once operators are approved, they are authorised to use the TrustMark logo. Employing only reputable tradesmen, TrustMark operators are able to promote and enforce high standards within the RMI sector.

Reasons to choose TrustMark tradesmen
  • Regular independent inspections check the company’s trading record and finances and on-site visits verify their technical skills
  • TrustMark operators must follow the TrustMark code of practice. This includes customer care, insurance and safe working practices
  • TrustMark firms can advise about relevant building regulations, and in some cases are able to provide any necessary certificates
  • Approved scheme operator’s check and continue monitoring the standards of work, customer care and trading practices of TrustMark firms
  • TrustMark companies can provide an Insurance Backed Warranty
  • They can also provide Deposit Protection Insurance, in case a company ceases to trade
  • There is a clear and convenient complaints procedure, to help resolve any problems or disagreements with a TrustMark company
  • Consumer protection agencies, the building industry and the government all support the TrustMark scheme
  • You can rest easy when you use a TrustMark operator because you know they have been inspected and they fulfill all the requirements above if they are allowed to display the TrustMark logo.

Please note: You should always check which trades your TrustMark tradesman is licensed to undertake within the scheme. You can check whether they are qualified to perform particular tasks on the TrustMark website.

Simply search under ‘Trade’ then the ‘company  name.’ In the ‘more information’ section you will find a list of the categories of work that the TrustMark scheme deems the company suitable to carry out.