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Timber Decking and Cladding Association

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA) are highly respected as the leading technical authority on decking and related structures in the UK.  The National House Building Council (NHBC) and similar bodies insist that decks adhere to TDCA standards and specifications.

The Association gives guidance on design, materials and construction methods, to help both private and commercial projects, in line with the TDCA Members’ Charter. Its primary aim is to enable architects, developers, homeowners, local authorities and companies to specify and source high quality materials and structures.

The TDCA is composed of organisations of all sizes, working in all areas, from the sourcing of raw timber to the design and installation of high quality decking.  The membership includes: forestry organisations; technologists, manufacturers and installers of timber, suppliers of components and fixings; experts in engineering, preservation and protection of timber; installers and designers, all of whom are committed to excellence in their products and services.

To become part of the TDCA, all businesses must sign the TDCA Members’ Charter.

TDCA Members’ Charter

Members must:

. Supply products that comply with DeckmarkTM quality standards of manufacture and reliability

· Promptly respond to submitted enquiries courteously and efficiently

· Give clear and accurate information and prices for the services and products they offer

· Give clear and accurate advice about suitability, safety, care and maintenance of products

· Ensure that any guarantees or warranties are provided in plain English and that they are fully compliant with current consumer legislation

· Ensure that all staff and subcontractors are properly trained to carry out their work

· Agree to refer any customer complaints that remain unresolved to the Timber Decking and Cladding Association Dispute Resolution Service and to abide by its rulings

The TDCA requires its members to have the DeckMarkTM quality assurance scheme accreditation. This enables the TDCA to check that businesses are able to meet the required standards before listing them on the TDCA register of approved suppliers.  It also requires them to undergo an annual DeckMarkTM audit in order to keep their place on the TDCA register. This is an independent inspection to ensure their continued compliance with TDCA standards.

Having received the highest level of TDCA Membership for Design and Installation, Deckbuilders is proud to be working with the TDCA to set industry standards.