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Deck Maintenance

Decking Maintenance, Care and Repair

A deck designed and installed by Deckbuilders is designed to have a long life span, however the deck will need regular maintenance checks to cover such things as: tightness of bolts, condition of timber, algae build up and general wear and tear.

Decking Maintenance increases deck lifespan

Having now built over 1500+ decks, we have now created our own Deck Service plan to provide our clients with an easy maintenance program specific to their deck.

This provides a service to both our existing client base and also to new customers who may have had a deck built for them by others.


We use a tailored cleaning method to meet your decks requirement rather than using standard “off the shelf” products. This way we can guarantee all of our work in the safe knowledge that we are not doing and harm to your deck or the environment.

To speak to a member of our team please contact us on 0345 370 7790 to discuss your deck maintenance requirements.