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Timber Decking Specialists

Deckbuilders offer a free and non-committal design service in which, we conduct a full site survey taking measurements and levels of the proposed timber decking project area.

With all this vital information we are then able to calculate and provide you with a budgetary figure on site which, we feel you would need for us to build your project as per your brief.

After discussing this with your designer and agreeing a budget which you are happy with, our designer will arrange a further meeting to come back and present initial designs following the line of your brief.  These drawings are drawn so that if you wish to change/add/adapt something it is all possible to do so during that meeting so that everybody is happy with the final decking design.

After the paper work is drawn up and everything has been explained and understood, the drawings will be sent to Head Office to be set up on our own specifically designed CAD System.  Within 7-10 working days you will receive your own personal copy of the customer drawings in Plan View and various Isometric views so you can really start to see how your project will look.

Decking Installation

Your timber decking specialist designer will have already informed you of our expected start date and how long we expect the project to take from start to completion.

All of our crews undergo a comprehensive training process prior to going out on site, where they not only learn the “Deckbuilders” way of constructing decks but also take ownership of the Deckbuilders Construction Manual. This Manual or “Bible” as we call it means that wherever, built by whoever, every deck is built to the correct specification.

The crew is given a Project pack for each project which includes Customer Drawings, Structure Drawings, Accommodation details, Risk Assessment, details of nearest Hospital in case of emergency and naturally Client Details.

You will find that at Deckbuilders we try and cover off any eventuality, leaving you with the minimum of disruption to your daily life. Ultimately we want you to enjoy the experience of having a Deckbuilders Deck not only while it is being designed and installed but for the many years to follow.

Our crews and the timber delivery aim to be on site between 8-8.30am on the morning the build starts.

During the timber deck build process we aim:

• To keep you up to speed with our progress
• To keep disturbance to yourselves down to a minimum
• To ensure your garden is left in a clean and tidy manner each day
• To keep your garden as safe as we can each day in case you want to go outside and have a look for yourselves.
• To leave you garden clean and tidy with all debris, picked up and thrown away including screws, nails etc which may have fallen on the ground once the projected is completed.

On completion of every deck we require the Lead Carpenter to “Walk Around” the deck with you, making sure that you are happy with absolutely everything before the crew leaves. He or She will then ask you to sign the final inspection report form and collect payment for balance due.

Within a week of completion you should expect to receive various completion documents from the Office including a paid with thanks invoice, what to expect document and care and maintenance package.

If however you have any queries about our timber decking installation please do not hesitate to call the office and ask.