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Hardwood Decking

Here is a list of hardwoods we can supply for your hardwood decking:

Timber Treatment Plant

In 2014 Deckbuilders installed a timber treatment plant. This allows us to ensure continuity of quality in the timbers used in our projects. We are able to treat to hazard class 3 & 4 in Tanalith E wood preservative in green and brown.

Having this facility on site means we can also provide part and full loads for third party treatment with a quick turnaround.

Please call our offices to discuss any requirements you have: 0845 370 7790



Deckmark Accreditation 2015

Deckbuilders are proud to announce that for the 11th year in a row, we received our DeckMark registration certificate from the Timber Decking and Cladding Association.

An audit was conducted recently on a balcony deck project we built in Gloucestershire to replace an existing structure.  The project was designed and built to be identical to other existing balconies in the development and was constructed in Iroko, a hardwood timber.  The project involved a health and safety plan to ensure the structure was cordoned off to the public as 9 metre piles were required as the balcony deck was located near a canal, to position the supporting timber columns.  All timber connections were made using a mortise and tenon system which added greater strength and was more aesthetically pleasing.

Deckmark 2015 001

Iroko Hardwood

Coarse, uneven texture with oily feel to it. Straight or wavy grain, depending on the origin. Common uses interior, exterior joinery and hardwood decking construction. Deckbuilders preference is Iroko due its durability and longevity. We can use other Hardwoods upon request.

Cumaru Hardwood

Aka Brazillian Teak. Has a rich golden tan to reddish brown colour with dark grain accents.


Has a light yellow to golden brown colourization and is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack.

Ipe Hardwood

Naturally dark brown in colour and is extremely durable.


A Durable hardwood of a mid brown colour.