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Softwood Decking

Here is a list of softwoods we can supply for your softwood decking:

Scandinavian Redwood

A light coloured softwood with yellow-brown to red-brown heartwood and white-yellow sapwood. Common uses are furniture, joinery, decking and construction. Deckbuilders preference is Scandinavian Redwood for all of our Sub-Structure materials and Deckboards due its durability, longevity and its natural finish.

Douglas Fir

A straight-grained softwood, red-brown wood with pronounced. Commonly used in construction and plywood.

Western Red Cedar

A fairly soft wood. Red-brown in colour fading to silver-grey after long exposure to weathering. Common uses are shingles, decking and exterior siding.

Siberian Larch

A straight-grained wood of even texture. Pale to rich-red heartwood with light coloured sapwood. This softwood is commonly used for joinery and in construction.

Parana Pine

This is a soft pale yellow to reddish brown colour, usually with a straight grain and medium texture. Common uses doors and furniture.