There are instances when anti-slip decking might be preferable. For example, in high footfall areas, on stairs and ramps. You might also consider such a specification if you’re located in a coastal area or experience a particularly moist environment.

We can supply and install highly effective anti-slip deck boards to give you total peace of mind and a firm grip under-foot, even in adverse weather conditions.

Our professional choice is factory manufactured anti-slip boards, that have been independently tested and approved. In fact, their performance has exceeded the minimum required classification for “low potential for slip”. In short, they’re the best.

Whilst you can consider applying an anti-slip product to your decking after installation, we wouldn’t recommend it. The most effective and the most attractive solution is to use the right specification of board in the first place. In doing so, you’ll keep maintenance to a minimum and enjoy a long life from your new deck.

In the factory, each board has a grey bauxite resin injected into at least two grooves. The end-result is aesthetically pleasing and delivers robust reassurance in terms of slip-resistance.

Anti-slip decking is preservative treated, just like all our timber. And your deck will be covered by our triple guarantee once installed.

If you’d like to consider using anti-slip boards, please contact us and we’ll arrange to send you some samples.