Custom-made softwood decking

Softwood decking is a popular choice for outdoor decks in both residential and commercial use. 

It’s a strong, durable, long lasting timber to use.  As long as the boards are treated correctly, so for this reason that we pressure treat all our timber in-house to 'User Class 4' as a standard.

We can help you make the right timber choice for your project. You can either speak to a designer or if you'd like a brochure to help you choose, please get in touch.

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Scandinavian Redwood

A pale timber, with a yellow-brown to red-brown heartwood and a white-yellow sapwood, Scandinavian Redwood is our preferred choice. Why? It delivers excellent durability and a very long service life, coupled with an appealing, natural finish.

Western Red Cedar

Whilst this variety is often used for softwood decks, you’ll also find it machined into shingles. It’s a fairly soft wood and red-brown in colour. Upon aging and weathering, this colour will fade to a silver-grey.

Siberian Larch

This is another straight-grained wood with an even texture. Commonly used in joinery and construction, we also find strong demand for it in the garden. The heartwood is a pale to rich red, whilst the sapwood is lighter. It's a great choice for garden decking.

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