Every deck project we design and install is guaranteed up to 10 years. However, we expect its life to be much longer than this.

The lifespan of a wood deck depends on many factors:

  • The quality of the timbers used
  • The preservation treatment used
  • The design of the structure
  • The quality and specification of the fixings
  • The construction of the installation
  • Ongoing deck maintenance

We pressure treat all of our carefully sourced timber to User Class 4: suitable for in-ground timber contact. That’s above the specification required for a deck construction.

Our attention to detail in design ensures that your sub-structure is more than substantial to meet your needs, whilst we take into account your unique requirements, the local environment and other specific aspects about your site. 

Once we’ve handed over your deck to you, it’s important to understand that regular maintenance will maximise its life and natural beauty.

Learn more about deck maintenance here.

If you have any further questions about your deck lifespan, please get in touch.