Despite their names there is no difference in the physical hardness of these woods. they are simply biological terms used to describe the species.

Hardwood timbers are produced from broad leafed trees, generally found in temperate and tropical countries, from deciduous trees which grow at a slow rate and produce a durable product, however only certain species are suitable for outdoor timber construction projects.

Softwoods are more commonly used in outdoor projects, from coniferous trees such as pines, the growth rate of these trees is much quicker and as such a high proportion of timbers used in construction are from softwoods, however due to it's natural properties, timbers need to be treated with wood preservatives if used outdoors to protect it from fungal and insect decay and to prevent deterioration from the elements.

Approximately 80% of the projects we install are from Softwood - Scandinavian Redwood, and all materials used are from sustainable forest sources and FSC certified.