In most circumstances, it’s not necessary to obtain planning permission to construct a timber deck. However, there are occasions when decking planning permission will be necessary and we can support your application with the planning office.

There are two common situations when planning permission for your deck is required:

  1. If your deck is to sit higher than 30cm above the ground
  2. If, together with other extensions, your deck would cover over 50% of the garden area

You should also be aware of some less-common scenarios when the planning office would expect an application:

  • If your deck is to be within 20 metres of a highway
  • If your deck might impact on the privacy or amenity value of a neighbouring property
  • If your deck is attached to a listed building
  • If your deck is in a conservation area or National Park

The golden rule is, if you’re not sure, ask your planning office. In our experience, they’re very friendly and helpful. They tend to offer ample guidance for those seeking to do the right thing.

The risk of going ahead without decking planning permission is high. Legal investigations and ultimately, the removal of your deck. Quite simply, we don’t get into that situation. If we think you might need planning permission for your decking, we’ll tell you. And whilst the responsibility for obtaining that permission lies with you, we’ll help you every step of the way.

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