We hope that you’ve gathered from the many photos on our website that no deck we build is standard! Each new project is approached in an entirely bespoke manner; from concept right through to completion.

You might have some initial ideas, or you might require some inspiration to decide what you’d like. We start from wherever you do. Clearly, we can show you hundreds of bespoke decks designed by us. You might take some ideas from a few.

But no two decks are ever the same.

For one thing, your site will be unique. It will have its own dimensions and gradients to take account of. You might want a flat deck, or something on many levels. A structure over water or incorporating a winding boardwalk. We design and build your deck around what’s on your site already.

Bespoke-designed decks are special. They’re yours. One-offs. To be treasured. Quite often, they’ll reflect your personality, or be designed around how you like to spend your time.

So, enjoy the journey of investing in a bespoke-designed deck that will enhance your property and provide a lifetime of pleasure. We’ll start with pencil sketches and quickly move to 3D CAD drawings. Every detail will be interrogated until you’re entirely happy with the design in front of you.

Managing the project entirely in-house, we’ll pressure treat your timber, machine the many parts and prepare everything before we come on-site. And then to the build. Swiftly, efficiently and safely, your deck will come to life. You’ll enjoy a detailed handover from us upon completion, and then be left in peace to marvel at your bespoke creation.